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TRUE STORY: Actual 911 Call

This is an actual 911 call from a Mother who found her Son passed out after an apparent drug overdose. READ MORE

65% increase in overdoses in Louisville in just 6 months. (Source: PRESS RELEASE: "United States Attorney Announces Heroin Intervention Program With DEA And Louisville Metro Police Department," dated September 21, 2016.)


Kentucky legislation to address heroin epidemic

(FOX19) Attorney General Jack Conway, Sen. Katie Stine, and Rep. John Tilley today announced a piece of bipartisan legislation to address the increase in heroin abuse and trafficking that is being reported in communities across Kentucky. Read more.

Parents share story of son's heroin death

(Wave 3  News, September 27) A Louisville family sat down with WAVE 3 News to share words of caution. Their son Sean Arnett was just 21 years old when he died of a heroin overdose two years ago. Read more.

A public push against heroin abuse in southwest Louisville

(Wave 3 News, September 27) Neighbors in southwest Louisville are standing up to an epidemic they claim has taken over their community. Read more.